Sandi delivers insight and fresh perspective on leadership with hope and inspiration. Whether you are a seasoned leader or coming into your leadership, leading one or a hundred, Sandi’s heart for leaders is passionate for maximizing one’s unique value to be more.

Leading With Excellence

Refine or redefine your leadership skills. Make a difference by learning to impact your sphere of influence with excellence, attraction and hope. Sandi shares her leadership story, along with insights and practical application to take your leadership to the next level.

Imaging…What Are You Saying?

How we carry ourselves, our body language and appearance communicates loudly. How we image ourselves flows from a belief about who we are. What is your image saying about you? Does your image communicate the real you? Are you portraying the true representation of how you want the world to know you? Learn what image communicates and how to change the message to reflect your true brilliance.

Discover Your Unique Value

Utilizing the DISC behavior assessment, a unique program is designed for each organization. A distinct program will be tailored for your needs. Team workshops or help with hiring to identify the right people are available.

Team Development Workshops utilize the DISC profiles, leading groups in understanding individual workplace behaviors and working together for success.

Hiring the Right People

Assessments are used to identify the right people to add to your team, based on your job description and their individual assessment.

            • Job Profiles are specific to the job description identifying the characteristics, workplace behaviors and conflicts in requirements based on your Workplace Behaviors assessment.
            • Candidate Profiles are specific to the candidate identifying their unique behavior style, value to the organization, strengths and behavioral hierarchy based on their DISC assessment.

Candidate Interviews. Initial interviews with your candidates utilizing instinctive listening skills and unique interview questions for company culture, purpose and job description. Written detailed analysis and recommendation is provided.

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