Sandi is a strong voice of hope and believes in maximizing an individual’s brilliance and gifts. She is an influential leader, successfully coaching other leaders, individuals and teams, to create visible and affective change in their lives.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is influence. All of us are leading someone. There is someone following you. We lead from below, above and beside. Sandi mentors leaders to create visible change in their lives, through one-on-one coaching conversations. A unique program is designed for each leader based on individual needs and desired outcomes.

Discover Your Unique Value

Coaching that utilizes the DISC Behavioral Assessment to an understanding of your gifts and strengths. Discover how to apply it both personally and professionally. Learn your uniqueness in communication and behavior, and gain an understanding of other’s distinct value.

Career Coaching

Whether you are managing your career with a job change or actively in transition, Sandi designs a unique, motivational and hope-filled program depending on where you are in your career.

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