Several months ago, I was meeting with a potential client. This gentleman had previously hired a career coach for an exorbitant amount of money upfront and the coach failed to deliver.

We met for over an hour discussing the recent developments in his job search, including relocating his family and looking for his dream job in the Phoenix area. We discussed job search strategy, networking, overcoming obstacles in his past and the opportunity he had been interviewing for throughout the week. He took notes throughout, actively listening and engaging in dialogue.

After a full hour of discussion, it was time to close the session. This hour was a complimentary consultation to see if he wanted to work with me and if I wanted to take him on as a client. We were well past the gifted time of complimentary, however, I hadn’t really noticed, as the conversation was fascinating and lively. His last question to me was inquiring what was it that I could do to help him in his job search that would be different from the previous coach.

I briefly described what I offered, giving him a similar bio to what you find on my About page, which he had already read. I ended the brief description with, “changing lives, one conversation at a time.” Thinking nothing of it, I waited to hear back from him within the week as he had promised.

His email came within the week, grateful for the time I gave him and what he learned. Two months later he had landed in his dream job, the opportunity we discussed at this initial meeting. It is always rewarding and euphoric to hear the news that someone has landed in a new job, let alone their dream job!

This is what I get to do, bring hope, light and love to people through one conversation at a time. Sometimes the conversation is simply a smile in passing. Other times, it’s a one hour plus ‘complimentary’ consultation. Frequently it’s a client meeting, mentoring a leader or coaching a job seeker. Intentional conversations with purpose. Regardless of the conversation, my purpose is to bring hope, light and love to my sphere of influence…one conversation at a time. That’s my why! My God given gifting and calling!

What’s your why? Why do you do what you love to do? Have you identified your purpose? Having an understanding of your purpose, your why gives you a vision. As a leader, your why is key in leadership. Your purpose defines your leadership.

Know your purpose, live out your God given gifting and calling! We need YOU!