Last week at a celebration event for the business community, I was awarded the MVP Heart of Service Award from Career Connectors. I am still in awe…totally blown away…humbled and honored. Thank you to the leadership of Career Connectors and to the many people I have had the extreme honor of serving over the last four plus years. I look forward to continually serving professionals in career transition.

My story with Career Connectors began in 2009. After nine months of being unemployed, my husband, Jeff and I found ourselves at a networking event for job seekers. We had heard about this group through our church and decided to give it a try. Within a month, Jeff had a lead and connection to a job in his industry and desired location. He landed the position and is still with that company.

At this first event we attended, a need for volunteers was announced. I fit the criteria of resume experience and knew I needed to step up. It was then that I met Jessica Pierce in person, offering help with resumes or whatever or wherever she needed help. That was over four years ago. I spent the next four years serving professionals in career transition at various levels in the organization. My time commitment varied over the years with always a commitment to excellence.

Serving portions of love, hope and light for those in career transition is simply sharing a small piece of my heart. The time, energy, passion, expertise and love I’ve put into the people and the organization has been rich, rewarding and enriching for me. I’ve received extreme rewards for what I have given through serving others. There is no greater reward than to love others with hope and light.

For this is what I have been created for…for such a time as this…it is something that comes naturally and with passion. It is intricately a part of me…of my heart. I just do it…wherever I am. I simply serve. I just do it. That is what living from your giftedness is.

Live out of your giftedness, be the gift that changes lives…be your best you!