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Ready to run!

Ready to run!

Sunday was the victory lap. The weeks of training are history. The work is done.

A cool morning at o’dark thirty, my selfless husband drops me off at the start line. A few brisk walks to warm up, the park is filled with women getting ready to run. There are even a few men in the race. It is evident they are there to support their friends, spouses or family members.

The excitement builds, it truly is the victory lap.

All glory goes to God that I was able to run this half marathon. Eight years ago I was overcome with chronic back pain that eventually kept me from running and most physical activity. I lived with a high level of pain 24/7.

It’s been a journey. One traveled with a community of friends, family and strangers. It was through God’s miraculous healing and experts He brought into my life that I could even consider running a half marathon. I am thankful for the chiropractor that cared enough to be honest and sent me for an MRI four years ago. The results of the MRI took me to back specialists and surgeons who told me the only course of action to relieve the pain was a five hour surgery that may alleviate the pain. God provided the wisdom to change my diet and begin exercising again with vigor, both of which had a significant impact on my physical finesse. The past two years have been almost pain free. Truly a miracle!

The journey has been glorious, difficult, fun, painful, hope filled and amazing. The journey of getting to run the victory lap while the training was laborious, exhilarating,  fun, hope filled and difficult and wanting to give up. Yet, pressing on to the goal. Without the journey, the victory lap would not have been euphoric with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. A picture of life.

Sunday’s race represents healing, hope and faith. All glory goes to God. This was His victory lap! Here’s my story in pictures.

Community of racers for the Women's  half marathon.

Running a race with this community made it easier. Like minded with the same goal, finish strong.

Some of the beautiful scenery along the victory lap.

Some of the beautiful scenery along the victory lap. The journey is as important as the finish.

The incline is difficult...the downhill, rewarding!

The incline is difficult…downhill, rewarding!

Finish Line!
Celebration at the Finish Line!

My greatest cheerleader.

The love of my life! He brings out the best in me.

All glory to God! What a celebration!

All glory to God! I am thankful and blessed!

May you find faith & hope in my story that you may finish strong.