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After running the Pat Tillman race in April, I was inspired to the point I decided this year would be the year I ran a half marathon. Before the inspiration passed, I registered for the Women’s Half Marathon on November 3, 2013.

On this Monday morning the conversation I was having with myself was filled with excuses. Focusing on what I couldn’t do and why. I was gathering the evidence and justifying why a run wasn’t possible this Monday morning.

The excuses sounded like this…

    • I didn’t eat clean yesterday. I had too much gluten and had a couple of drinks.
    • I didn’t sleep well last night, not long enough and certainly not sound.
    • Too much time was spent getting my husband out the door and it was already too warm to run.
    • It’s too sunny and I need to stay out of the sun to protect my skin.

The realization that a four-mile run was overwhelming on this particular Monday was enough to keep me from running. Yet, something just wasn’t right. What if…I began considering what I could do…what if I could reframe how I was looking at it and could accomplish my training goal? What if…

    • There was sufficient space in my calendar for a three-mile run.
    • Sunscreen and a hat would address the sun issue.
    • Miraculously there was cloud cover this morning and a mild 72 degrees.
    • For not having slept much the night before, I was fully energized.

it was go time, sunscreen on, sunglasses on, running shoes on and heading out for the run, the thought that kept coming to mind was…Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can’t do. I did run, three miles and finished before the allotted training time. I felt marvelous. The completion of a step in the process of accomplishing a goal is exhilarating! The excitement on race day will be tenfold of this one training day.

Focusing on the can’t, is detrimental. Giving attention to what you can’t do is self-sabotaging. Blame victimizes the outcome. Fears stop us from achieving what we say we want.

Take a moment to consider the conversation you’re listening to…are you focusing on what you can’t do? It may take redefining, changing or reframing the way you look at the circumstance. Do what you CAN.

Put on the sunscreen, the running shoes and do what you CAN. Focus on what you CAN do and do it! 

You have a brilliance about you!