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Today I am not going to write about technology. Rather, I have been at the Global Leadership Summit the past 2 days so I have decided to share some of my notes taken during the conference and summarize the thoughts that spoke to me the most. Yes, I did use my technology! I took notes with on my iPad using my Notability app.

During the first day of the session, I had the privilege of hearing such speakers as Bill Hybels, Gen. Colin Powell, Patrick Lencioni, Liz Wiseman, Chris Brown, Bob Goff and Mark Burnett. It was a day of powerful speakers!

Notes from delivery by Bill Hybels:

Courage correlates to every facet of leadership. This was the theme. Bill gave a great definition for vision as a picture of the future that creates passion in people. He continually reminded the audience to be strong and courageous because every…

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