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My friend, Kim shares her story in The Road to Beautiful. She inspires me to never, never, NEVER give up! Kim is more beautiful each day as she intentionally continues her journey. There is much value in her story. Take a few moments to read it. Extreme gratitude to Kim, for her authentic transparency. Her journey is far from over.

Where are you in your journey? What balloons do you need to release to remove the resistance for your fastest run?

The Road to Beautiful

Longtime readers know that the Detroit Turkey Trot is a favored run of mine each year.  It started as a challenge to prove I could and has since become a run of gratitude as I bask in the glory of doing what I once never thought I could.  It has become a celebration of my body and all it has been for me despite the abuse I heaped on it with food.  It has become a worship run where I use my body to praise the One who has brought me thus far in life.

This year held special meaning for me as I would be running this race at my lightest weight ever and sans 100 lbs.  While thrilling, I have been struggling with how to give my 100 lb milestone some time and space to be celebrated.  Noted.  Honored. For me.  From Me.

Then an idea hit me. …

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