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The day is planned. The list of things to do is long and growing. Its an early start and not much allowance for interruptions or flexibility. One email comes in and needs immediate attention. A lot of attention. Yet, there is no extra time. Email is escalated to the next level of management.

Another issue arises. Phone calls are required to address this problem. Several phone calls. Waiting. Meanwhile, working at the other things to accomplish.

Escalated email circles back and needs immediate attention.

It’s only three hours into the day and the priority list has been adjusted and readjusted several times. Yet there is more. Realizing the time, a decision is required. The choices include: continue in reactive mode or stop, breath and choose proactive. What can be changed on this list? What is driving this extensive list? How did it get this crazy?

WAIT! I began to notice, the frustration with the tasks ahead of me. Why were these things to do so important today? What is so important on this list? I realized, this list is simply a task list. All important, yet not THE most important. People! Yes, PEOPLE, are why the task list exists. Its not a list created so it can be checked off or to substantiate effectiveness. The tasks are necessary for the ultimate goal of serving others, taking care of self and building relationship with people. Focusing on the people quickly eliminated the anxiety. It became about them, not the list.

What has become more important than people? Is accomplishing the task dominating your time? Are you noticing the people around you? Do you avoid conversations? Do you find yourself taking a different route to avoid someone? Focus on people, it will change your perspective. People matter.

Take a moment and notice their unique value. See them for their distinct and one of a kind – ness. Each of us has been created with remarkableness. A masterpiece. Especially in this season of thanksgiving, take the time to acknowledge the people around you…your coworkers, family, friends, strangers you pass by…a simple smile or eye contact will make a difference for someone. That someone just might be you!

Your brilliance matters!