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Walking into an Apple store is a unique experience. First impressions include open, clean and welcoming. This continues with the Specialists, who are more than ready to help, dedicated to making each customer experience uniquely stellar. These first impressions never change. From one Apple Store to the next and regardless of how many customers are in the store, the first impressions are consistently the same.

Apple states on their Jobs at Apple page, “Every detail matters.” Well said, Apple! It is clearly not just words on a website, those words describe the Apple experience from start to finish. They walk the talk.

Over the past several days, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time in the Apple store. As I have frequented the store I’ve taken notice of the consistency of unique and excellent customer service. The Specialists are patient, kind, knowledgable, integrious and fully dedicated to my experience.  Regardless of what may be going on in their personal lives, they are fully engaged and all about me. Their first impression carried through all the way to the end.

Every detail does matter. What first impression are you portraying? Is it congruent with your intentions? Do your first impressions continue into your last impressions?

Your brilliance matters!