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These little guys are the joy of my life. I often refer to them as my Little Buddies. While they live thousands of miles away, they are intimately

close to my heart. From the oldest answering the phone when I called his Mom’s phone several days ago, “Killebrew pizzaria, what would you like on your pizza tonight?” to the youngest, ecstatic to see ‘Nama’ via Skype, his entire body lights up. Each special moment with them is cherished and written on my heart.

Landon, 4 years and Dawson, 1 year old have unique personalities and yet quite similar in many ways. Their loyalty to each other is strong. Landon protects his little brother and Dawson looks for ‘Lan Don’ constantly. Landon leans towards processed foods, Dawson loves broccoli and avocados. This picture of the two of them says much about their loyalty.

These little guys have the best parents ever! Their parents were hand picked for these two amazing little human beings. Mark and Ashley love these two little guys unconditionally, modeling faith, hope and love in God – unashamedly. They are intentionally teaching them to love others, to value people and to love God. I am eternally grateful for their intentionality and passion.

I am grateful for the snippets of time on Skype with my little buddies. I am thankful for a son-in-law that loves his wife and sons unconditionally and unselfishly. I am thankful for the beautiful woman my daughter Ashley is becoming and the gracious and fun mother she is to her two little guys.

So close and yet so far away. I am thankful for Skype, iPhones, Facebook and the other technology that closes the gap of the many miles. I am thankful for rich relationships with all four of them. I cherish the moments with them, regardless of how we get to be together.

I am thankful for the rich relationships of family and friends. I am thankful for the variety of people in my life. I pray you too have rich relationships with the people in your life…whether a fleeting moment with a grocery store associate, a family member or new friend.