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Six years ago this picture was taken of a team of fifteen committed to taking a stand for other people, a stand for breakthrough in relationships, a breakthrough in areas in their life they longed to change, a breakthrough for living with a greater impact than their current reality.

When this team of amazing people came together eight weeks prior to the training, some knew each other and some met for the first time. Within an extremely short period of time, with authenticity, accountability, dedication, love, loyalty, courage, faithfulness and hope, these people created lasting relationships that changed their lives and each other. Being the change first, brought change for others. Each with a heart of servant leadership and serving from a place of love and passion for others.

Putting on a training of this magnitude cannot be done with the commitment of many. As we faithfully pushed through the difficulties, rejoiced in the accomplishments, laughed in the midst of it all, sharing in each piece of the journey. Each person brought their unique value, their brilliance, their amazingness.

I had the privilege of working with numerous teams over a four year period, every one a unique experience. Each time the team members became the change first, which opened up possibilities for others. I personally was impacted greatly, experiencing transformation in my personal and professional relationships. However, the teams gave their time, energy, and readjusted their lives for an eight week period for the opportunity to bring change to thousands of people. Lives were greatly impacted. Years of sobriety experienced, marriages saved, parents and children reconciled, entrepreneurs launching their dreams, freedom to be authentic, open, relevant, breaking through in relationships.

How are your relationships? Do you have what you say you want in your relationships? What are you settling for in your personal and professional relationships? What is it that is missing for you? What do you need to change first? Bring the change you want in your relationships. Your change opens the way of change for others.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself.
Luke 10:27