Race Day! At o’dark thirty, my husband Jeff and I left the house to pick up ourfriends, Marisa, Joe and Karen. Marisa, Karen and I were running the 5K. Marisa’s first! After a beautiful tour of the parking garage we had a beautiful view of the sunrise to the east and to the west, the race route.

We waited at the start line, prepared, excited, the energy from the hundreds of racers was contagious, anticipation rising…

And, runners start…

It was a gorgeous morning for a run, especially when running with friends. Left like lightening, set the pace and focused on what we could do, not what we couldn’t do. The race went quick, with a stellar sprint to the finish line. What an accomplishment! In so many ways, Marisa’s first race, Karen leading the way challenging us to the race and myself back in it! It felt amazing.

I’m thankful I chose hope!

Now…my next goal…a half marathon, maybe in January. Marisa? Karen? Who else is in?