My husband, Jeff, and I recently returned from a two week trip to his family home. It was a time of saying goodbye to his father whom we affectionately called Pops. I had the privilege of meeting Pops three years ago, the night before marrying his oldest son, the love of my life. When introduced to Pops, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and a bear hug screaming of welcome to his family. He didn’t have to open his heart to me, yet he did. Over the last fourteen months, I got to know Pops through our almost weekly Skype calls or a random phone conversation and more so during his stay with us earlier this year. My time with him was short and precious. There is an extreme sense of loss with his passing.

I remember the last conversation I had with Pops. He called me on a Sunday wondering about Jeff, how was he doing. Had I heard from him? Jeff was on the USS Ronald Reagan Tiger Cruise for the week. Pops was always interested and inquisitive about our son-in-law serving in the Navy. Pops was thrilled for Jeff and anxious to hear back and see the pictures and videos capturing Jeff’s experience on the Tiger Cruise. There would be no more random phone calls from Pops.

Each time Skype activates on my laptop, I see Pops picture. I wonder if he’s online. Then I remember. There will be no more Skyping with Pops.

My thoughts of Pops often turn to my own parents, family and friends. I pick up the phone, make the call, send a text, email or Facebook message. I am reminded, life is not a luxury. Time is precious. I wonder more often, how am I choosing to use my time?

My daughter and grandsons have been staying with us while my son-in-law is on deployment. When they arrived at the end of June, we had so much time. They will be moving to Pensacola, Florida in ten days. All of a sudden time is short. Holding my seven week old grandbaby, Dawson, is precious time. Snuggle bugging with Landon; the vivacious 3 year old is priceless. Time with Ashley – random conversations, shopping, cooking, laughing, just hanging out – special! The very few days with Mark are outstanding! I’m making the most of the next ten days. Each moment is etched forever on my heart. Some things are not getting done and that’s o.k., they will. People matter.

Who is it that you need to reach out to today? Is there someone you need to talk to, leave a voice mail, and let them know you love them?

Don’t wait! Live without regret.

Your brilliance matters!