What are you putting off today  –  for “someday?”

What is it that you want to do for yourself that isn’t
getting accomplished? Is it exercising, writing, making a phone call, reading a
book, time with that very special someone or… you fill in the blank.

For the past several months I’ve been talking about creating
a blog. I’ve told my coach, my colleagues, and my family. I’ve set deadlines
for creating it.. Those dates have long come and gone. I’ve talked more about
writing it than I have actually done writing.

Excuses I use to not blog:

  • Email needs to be answered
  • Work
  • It needs a title
  • Not sure where to start
  • Waiting for branding
  • Somebody needs me for something else


Caring for myself comes to mind. If I am not caring for myself, how can I care for others?

Over this same time period, I’ve coached others to create their online presence; to share their thoughts. I insist to them, “Your brilliance matters!”

Yet, each time I say those words there’s a twinge and my conscience goes off, “Do you really believe that about yourself?”

Yet, others believe in me. They seek out my advice. Colleagues affirm my work. My friends and family are my greatest advocates.

It is because of them, that: TODAY IS THE SOMEDAY! If you can’t believe in yourself, let others believe in you and choose to take action on their belief. Act on their belief and own it. Actions are based on belief.

It’s liberating…my brilliance does matter!